BLUETOOTH n-com B601 S TWIN PACK (G9.1/EVOLVE; G4.2 PRO, N103; N91/EVO; N90-2; N90; N86; N85; N71; N43/E/AIR)


Κατόπιν Παραγγελίας. 

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N-Com B601 S Series is the ideal system for those who want to travel by motorbike with the comfort of an intercom integrated into the helmet and the quality of performance consolidated through N-Com’s decades of experience.

Bluetooth connectivity for telephones, navigator systems and MP3 players. Intercom conversation with the passenger and the possibility to share telephone conversations.

Compatibility with: G9.2 – G4.2 PRO
N103 – N91/EVO -N90-2 – N90 – N86 – N85 – N71 – N43/E/AIR – G9.1/EVOLVE

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